FAQ's Impact Global Magazine

In order to have your banner showing on our website you will need to contact IG explaining the nature of your business and which page you believe your banner would be best suited for. Please attach your banner artwork with your email. The banner must be JPEG only and the size must be exactly 700 x 100 pixel. Send the following information to editorial@impactglobalmagazine.com
We get inundated with many stories and writers asking to join the team. The process is very selective as we make it our duty to thoroughly background check every reporter or journalist. Reporters working at IG work on voluntary basis. We welcome your application which must be backed up by not only experience but an understanding of the demands of a global media magazine. Professionalism coupled with an exceptional understanding of the English language is paramount. You must also be notable figure and publicly known for your past works or community efforts whatever that may be. Do not hesitate to send your resume to careers@impactglobalmagazine.com

We look forward to hearing from you.
IG is always looking for motivational stories about those who are selflessly helping their community through art, music, educational programs, other services, etc...Please send your referral email to editorial@impactglobalmagazine.com. The editor will contact you if needed for further information. Rest assure that all emails will be addressed in less than 24 hours.
Given the essence of the magazine, our writers understand what we are striving to accomplish. They are constantly seeking interviewees who meet the standards that align with the objective of the magazine. Based on their experience and their background, our writers have the ability to select interviewees who are constantly contributing to social change. The writers carefully make their selection to ensure that they will satisfy our audience desire to learn about these outstanding role models.
You can email us directly with any question, comments, to editorial@impactglobalmagazine.com Please remember to state which article or interview you are referring to when contacting us.
No. You don’t have to get stuck with an annual subscription if you don’t wish to do so. We offer the option to purchase a single magazine. From the home page, select “buy now” and it will take you to Paypal where various options are available.
Impact Global is published quarterly. The April and October issues are only available online.